what to post on social media?

Hello Guys, I am going to share my personal view on this topic what to post on social media?

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I personally using social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram (my favorite one) since 2013 but still I don’t understand what actually I want back from these sites, however I scrolled down as many till end. In recent days I created several Facebook and Instagram pages but every time I want to post something relevant and after spending lots of time to searched for that, I got confused and posted something which doesn’t liked by audience. Its been so long to know what actually should post?

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So what!

There are millions of pages, groups and influencers who posted on social sites but out of those only few of them get actual likes and shares, here is one little thing to focus, actually what they shared with you isn’t it something before not get shared by anyone or everyone is unknown with that? the answer is NO. They just posted some relevant which audience like to see, to read again and again. Whenever I scrolled I got same meaning and same content posts from 2-3 pages but still their reach is mind blowing. How? I don’t know.

After all this, I just want to tell you only thing is make your page and yourself a ‘BRAND’. Personal branding helps you to reached people heart and they will loved you blindly. Because in this world of 21st century only branded things attracts more audience. I am not saying that they are born branded they make themselves a BRAND. Every thing you see in this world which is a Brand but when they started, they struggled a lot to attract people who like their content. They analyzed where users hit like button and what type of post they like most.

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I wrote this article but till date I failed to attract more people to like my post, only thing is motivates me to just post whatever I think which is relevant, because I know one day I will be a BRAND!!!

Author: Akshay Bedwal

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