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[This is the part of Digital Deepak Internship program]

Times of India | Feb 07, 2025, 10:20 IST

21st decade brings tremendous opportunities in digital world where everyone is running behind it. As everything transformed digitally, there is one who came up with some milestone in recent years. We are here talking about a personality on occasion of his birthday, Mr. Akshay Bedwal. We are wishing him first a very Happy Birthday.

He is founder of a startup The AB’ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is a mentor, an investor and a blogger as well. He is mentoring to primary school level. He built a system where he manages to every primary students learn digital marketing. He believes that every students should learn digital marketing as a core subject. He is willing to add this system as a part of curriculum in every state govt. school so that the grade of govt. school will increase and everyone get digital marketing knowledge in school. He is working hard to make it possible.

The AB’ Solution working remotely to honored every local businesses in digital platform and they make it on buildup strategies and the core team handles their client in every field. They have hundreds of happy customers and many more adding every months. This startup gives the actual “Solution” to customers. They are working hard in every field to bring all local businesses in digital platform.

While we talking to him he said, my actual journey of Digital Marketing was started in January 2021 after joining 12 week Digital Marketing Internship program at Digital Deepak where I learned the core methods of digital marketing field. I learned a lot in that internship and took deep knowledge from mentor Mr. Deepak Kanakraju Sir. I am thankful to him and give all credits to him for my digital journey. I followed Deepak Sir since 2020 and after reading his blogs and watching his videos I took decisions to become a digital marketing expert. In this digital world who ever I am today all because to that one Internship program. Very thankful to had a mentor like Digital Deepak Sir.

So, let’s take some positive vibes from this journey of Mr. Akshay Bedwal and once again wishing him a special happy birthday and we are giving him this article as a birthday gift and blessings and best wishes for his future goals.

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