Do you think marketing is nothing but branding?

Yes. I think marketing is nothing but “Branding”.

Are you agree with me? What do you think what is marketing? What is your perspective about marketing?

As there are different kinds of people also there are different perspective about marketing people talked most. Marketing about anything is just like publicity and also branding of product, company and a person behind it. Marketing begins with understanding the needs of the customer and it should be problem solving to them. Marketing is building trust over lifelong to target customer. Marketing and Branding is effective for selling product and both can take place themselves in selling the product.

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”

– Beth Comstock [American Business Executive]

I have 2 great examples for what is role of branding, Everyone knows “Bisleri”, it is a company name. In India we Indian thinks bottled water is known as Bisleri. Everyone go out and demand Bisleri instead of water bottle or packaged water. Bisleri became the brand of packaged water and common people think it is the name for water bottle as Bisleri. Another Example, “Xerox”. Many areas of India called photocopy as a xerox copy, but Xerox also a company name and it became brand name so people mind it as taking photocopy means taking xerox copy.

Branding Product

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

In our childhood there are some platforms used for marketing like TV Ads, Radio, Hording, banner etc. Most used and most demanding marketing strategy is running TV Ads. Company runs TV Ads for marketing their product with the help of popular personality like sportsperson or movie actors making them brand ambassador of that company and they tell short story about that product to encourage people to purchase. Some low budget Ads were runs by radio.

This kind of marketing is not much measurable to the company because they never get the target customer base and they spent huge amount of money to make it happened. Running a TV Ad is not make customer satisfaction because brand never fulfilled the customer needs and if customer needs to suggested something or complaint about that product then he can’t reach to the company supports.

Over the traditional marketing, digital marketing is completely different. In digital marketing company and customer are connected by a system where both can contact directly to each other. Customer can visit to company’s website to know everything about company and they can contact to customer support for any query regarding service providing and product quality and many more.

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction these are marketing funnel fundamentals.

The CATT funnel works as per your Niche selection. Niche brings customer before content and other thing. Niche has separate brand value before the customer opens up your content to read. Niche plays main role on “First impression is the last impression”. Your niche should have attractive and powerful to customer to think about you.

Niche Selection
  1. Content – A good content is very important to know your story to target audience. You should keep good writing content and clear vision about product which attracts the people.
  2. Attention – When people attracts to you then you can build your trust to others by providing them more content and more details about your services.
  3. Trust – If you built trust then it will help you to get transact by your audience.
  4. Transaction – After the transaction done by customer it is your complete responsibility to build more trust and more attention for lifelong.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing means you have to keep best in all format of digital marketing. Its not like someone is best at SEO and never generate lead from social media it is not sufficient for getting more customer to attract. You should keep yourself best in every where in digital marketing structure. To generate lead and make revenue from that lead make sure you focused on every segment of digital marketing. There are Content marketing, Email marketing, SEO, Social Media marketing etc. All these are responsible for generating lead and making more sell.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is Branding..!

If people like you they will listen you,

but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

– Zig Zagler [American Author, Salesman]

As per my opinion marketing is branding because when your product meets the customer there is very thin line between brand name and product itself. Branding your product is like marketing that product. An existing customer is lifelong brand ambassador for your product.

When a product became a brand in its category everybody demands it blindly and no one choose other than branded product. Brand name should be company name, product name and services provided by them.

Over the years of market begins there are many different brands currently available but in between them only few kept themselves as branded for years.

I read a bunch articles regarding this topic but as per their views marketing and branding is quite different and there is no match in between them.

Indian Market

Indian market is one of the most demanding market place for many international companies and several companies stood in India since hundred of years. Colgate, Bata like companies are doing businesses and many thinks that these are Indian companies but actually not.

Recently, Digital Marketing become trends in India to developed many offline businesses to Online platforms. Digital Marketing industry becoming fastest growing industry to making people’s live easy. There are several opportunities in India to become Digital Marketing Specialist and Digital Marketing Expert. Digital Marketing industry cover overall sector in recent 3 to 5 years.

Indian Market Graph


The overall conclusion behind this article is marketing is not just selling the product, it is more than selling and building trust and happy customers for life. Marketing is nothing but branding yourself first then sell your product to target customer. The fundamental of market never changed but the strategy behind that fundamental changes with time and changing technologies cover traditional view of marketing to digital platform.

Author: Akshay Bedwal

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